Programming Guide

In this documentation section you will find useful articles and tutorials. We will add new ones periodically. You may suggest what about you want we write first at the Future Development or Support page. You also may write your own article or tutorial if you think you are familiar well enough with the framework and send it to support team. We will consider it and add here if find it useful.





  • Mathematicsremoved
    Find out about mathematical module
  • Script
    Learn how to add advanced scripting possibilities to your applications
  • Scriptingremoved
    Learn how to add scripting possibilities to your applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Create your own AI
  • Graphicsremoved
    Learn how to use software drawing
  • Graphics3Dremoved
    Module with basic elements used in 3D graphics


  • Creating a package
    Prepare your controls for distributing and using in Form Builder
  • Distribute packages
    Learn how to start sharing your work with other people and how get money by selling your controls