Distributing Packages

In this article we will describe how to start distribute your packages with controls, components, and other entities on our platform. You may not only share your work for free but also make money by selling it.

You have to be a registered user to start distributing your packages. Registration is absolutely free, you may sign up from the menu of the home page of this portal or using "Sign In/Up" link at the top menu of this page.

After you have signed in/up you may setup your packages from the profile section.

First of all you must prepare an archived file with your package source code. We recommend to have a folder for your package and put all the files inside it (subfolders inside are okay as well). The folder name is recommended to be understandable and unique. You may call it by the name of your company if you have one or by your name. It is also recommended to include all your code into separate namespace with the same or similar name of the folder. After it just compress the folder. You may use any compressing program. Acceptable extensions are "zip", "7z", "tar", "bz2", "gz", "rar".

After you have created archive with your package, go to the profile section of this site. Go to "Packages" tab and click on "Create New Package" button. A package creation form will appear. Fill in the form with information about your package. In the "Long description" input you may write how to compile, install, and use your package. If you have specific restrictions you may specify them in the "License" input. By default the price is 0 which means the package is free. If you wish to sell it instead of sharing for free you have to specify the price and how user should pay in the "Payment period" dropdown. There are two possible options: user have to pay only once when buying your package and he have to pay each month for working with the package. Submit form by clicking on "Continue" button when you filled it out. A new package will appear in the list. You may edit it's information if you want to change something.

The next step is to add your package file you have created earlier. In the table with packages you will see a pan in the column called "Files" in the row of your package. Click it to go to the package files management. Then find a button "Add New File", click it and fill the file form. Don't forget to specify the package file there. You may add several files if you have several options for your package. For example, you may have a "Full" file with all the code, media, external libraries, and so and. And you also may have a "Light" version with only your code, without any medias and other optional files included. At least one file should be added to the package before you can activate it.

In the same way you have added the package file you may add a media files, like screenshots of your controls and so on. This is optional and these media files will be displayed to the users at your package download page.

After you have added all the files to your package, go back to the packages page. You may do it by clicking on "Packages" link in breadcrumbs right below the top site menu. Check if the data you have entered is valid and click on the icon of your package in "Actions" column. This will send you package on validation. When an administrator validates your package it will be activated and become visible to other users. If an administrator finds any errors the package status will be changed(you will see it at packages list after refreshing the page) and you will see message with description of errors if you go to messages page by clicking on pen in "Messages" column. You may communicate with administrator on that page about your package.

You may deactivate you package by accidentally clicking on icon. Don't worry, just click on the activation icon again and it will be activated without re-validation. But, if you change something, the package will be automatically deactivated and when you click on activation icon it will be send on validation again.

When package is displayed to users there are 2 options to display developer of the package. It may be shown like an ordinary user, or like a company. To show the company information you have to fill your company data at profile "Company" tab and turn on corresponding checkbox at the package creation/editing form.

You may observe downloads of your free and paid packages as well as total revenues at "Dashboard" tab. On the "Packages" tab you will see also how many times your package was downloaded, how much money you got by selling it, and how much comments users wrote. At the "Balance" tab you also will see all the transactions of the package selling(if it is paid of course).