Describes platform thread.

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// Pause(), Resume(), and thread priority is optional features and may not be supported by all platforms 
class IThread
    enum class ThreadPriority // Thread priorities 
        Idle, // Idle 
        Lowest, // Lowest 
        Low, // Below normal 
        Normal, // Normal 
        High, // Above normal 
        Highest, // Highest 
        TimeCritical // Time critical 
    PlatformHandle m_hHandle;
    PlatformHandle const &Handle;

    virtual bool isCreated() = 0; // Return whether thread was created successfully or it failed and cannot be used 
    virtual bool isTerminated() = 0; // Return whether thread should terminate its job. Listener should check this property and cancel a job 
    virtual bool isPaused() = 0; // Return whether thread is paused or active 
    virtual ThreadPriority getPriority() = 0; // Return thread priority 
    virtual IThreadListener *getListener() = 0; // Return associated listener 

    virtual bool setPriority(const ThreadPriority value) = 0; // Set thread priority 

    virtual void Release() = 0; // Delete itself. Should be called only after job completion(or successful termination) 
    virtual bool Terminate() = 0; // Terminate execution. Usually some time will ellapse before thread stops 
    virtual bool Pause() = 0; // Pause the thread 
    virtual bool Resume() = 0; // Resume paused thread 
    virtual bool Wait(const float interval) = 0; // Wait until thread finish its job but no longer than specified interval 
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Interfaces/IThread.h