Describes font properties which is just a container for the properties and has no callbacks and platform font.

You can find more information in comments below.

class IFontProperties
    String m_sFontName;
    int m_iHeight;
    FontWeight m_eWeight;
    float m_fDistance;
    nitisa::Color m_sColor;
    PointF m_sShadowShift;
    int m_iShadowRadius;
    nitisa::Color m_sShadowColor;
    bool m_bItalic;
    bool m_bUnderline;
    bool m_bStrikeOut;
    bool m_bMonospace;
    String const &FontName; // Font name
    int const &Height; // Height
    FontWeight const &Weight; // Weight
    float const &Distance; // Distance between characters
    nitisa::Color const &Color; // Color
    PointF const &ShadowShift; // Shadow shift
    int const &ShadowRadius; // Shadow blur radius
    nitisa::Color const &ShadowColor; // Shadow color
    bool const &Italic; // Whether it is italic
    bool const &Underline; // Whether it is underlined
    bool const &StrikeOut; // Whether it is striked out
    bool const &Monospace; // Whether font was created as monospace one

    virtual bool isEqual(IFontProperties *font) = 0; // Check if has the same properties as the specified font

    virtual bool Copy(IFontProperties *src) = 0; // Copy properties from specified font
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Interfaces/IFontProperties.h