Describes event list for Form Builder. Used in packages.

You can find more information in comments below.

class IEventList
    virtual IPackage *getPackage() = 0; // Return package 
    virtual IClass *getParent() = 0; // Return parent object 
    virtual int getCount() = 0; // Return event count 
    virtual IEvent *getEvent(const int index) = 0; // Return event by index 
    virtual IEvent *getEvent(const String &name) = 0; // Return event by name 
    virtual IPackageEntity *getEntity() = 0; // Return package entity whose property list is it
    virtual void Release() = 0; // Destroy instance 
    virtual void Save(Variant &dest) = 0; // Save list to Variant 
    virtual void Load(const Variant &src) = 0; // Load list from Variant 
    Export list as c++ code 
    @param f File stream 
    @param shift Just a spaces for good code alignment. Add it to output 
    @param owner Control name. Could be empty string if event belongs to form 
    @param form Form name 
    @param dialog_box Dialog box class name if expoting as dialog box, otherwise should be empty 
    virtual void Export(std::wofstream &f, const String &shift, const String &owner, const String &form, const String &dialog_box) = 0;
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Package/Interfaces/IEventList.h