Describes control which is a valid DialogBox and can be used as base class when exporting form/widget prototype. Used in packages and Form Builder.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base interface.

// Additional header files will be added to exported file in Form Builder only when using dialog box as base class. Most often it will be only a header file where control's service is.
class IPackageDialogBox :public virtual IPackageControl
    // DialogBox additional header files
    virtual int getDialogBoxHeaderFileCount() = 0; // Return additional header file count
    virtual String getDialogBoxHeaderFile(const int index) = 0; // Return additional header file by index. Relative to the package directory(for example, if entity will be in "/Packages/Vendor/Controls/Name/Name.h", this should return "Vendor/Controls/Name/Name.h")
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Package/Interfaces/IPackageDialogBox.h