Base interface containing common properties and methods. Used by most package entities as a base interface.

You can find more information in comments below.

class IPackageEntity
    struct ForwardDeclaration
        String Declaration;
        String HeaderFile;
        String Namespace;
    // Properties
    virtual IPackage *getPackage() = 0; // Return package
    virtual String getNamespace() = 0; // Return string representation of the namespace where entity is(like "standard" or "helpers::math")
    virtual String getCategory() = 0; // Return category where entity should appear in Form Builder
    virtual String getClassName() = 0; // Return class name
    virtual String getTitle() = 0; // Return title to be displayed in Form Builder
    virtual String getDescription() = 0; // Return description
    virtual String getReferenceUrl() = 0; // Return documentation URL(if empty Form Builder will use package refernce url + entity class name)
    virtual int getPlatformCount() = 0; // Return supported platform count. Return 0 if support same to package platforms
    virtual PlatformVersion getPlatform(const int index) = 0; // Return supported platform by index
    virtual int getHeaderFileCount() = 0; // Return header file count
    virtual String getHeaderFile(const int index) = 0; // Return header file by index. Relative to the package directory(for example, if entity will be in "/Packages/Vendor/Components/Name/Name.h", this should return "Vendor/Components/Name.h")
    virtual int getForwardDeclarationCount() = 0;
    virtual ForwardDeclaration getForwardDeclaration(const int index) = 0;

    virtual bool setNamespace(const String &value) = 0; // Set new namespace. Used only in Form Builder to overwrite namespace in form prototype header file by user request(via changing settings)

    virtual void Release() = 0; // Destroy instance
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Package/Interfaces/IPackageEntity.h