New in version 4.1.0

  • Added

  • Fixed

    • Misspelled getConfiguartion() in Android CApplication corrected to getConfiguration().
  • Renamed

  • Improved

    • Platform dependend code has been refactored.
  • Removed

    • Classes CPlatformFontServiceWinGL and CPlatformFontServiceWinGDI.

Migration from previous version

Following classes form nitisa::standard namespace should be renamed:

Following classes from Platform/Windows subdirectory are moved into nitisa::standard::windows namespace(were at nitisa::standard namespace): Following classes from Platform/Android subdirectory are moved into nitisa::standard::android namespace(were at nitisa::standard namespace):

Instead of removed classes CPlatformFontServiceWinGL and CPlatformFontServiceWinGDI you can use CBasePlatformFontService one.

Whereever you use DirectoryName function, change it name to ExtractDirectoryName and check if you handle the lack of directory separator at the end of the result properly.