New in version 10.2.0

You can find information about existing projects upgrading in the article Upgrade project.

  • Form Builder

    • Improvement: boolean type property value can now also be changed by double click in Property Editor.
    • Improvement: Name property of forms and widgets supports only valid C++ identifiers from now on.
    • Improvement: virtual property Text has been added to Label widget to edit single line texts inside Property Editor.
    • Improvement: HSVPlane widget can now be assigned to HSVBar widget in Property Editor.
    • Fix: it was not possible to set DirectoryTree property of DriveDropDown widget back to empty value in Property Editor.
  • Added

  • Fixed

    • Argument names front and back were switched in CutBack() and CutFront() methods of IPolygon interface.
    • CVertexArray class polygon implementation method CutBack(Plane, IPolygon**, float) didn't add all needed vertices to returning polygon.
  • Improved

    • Error logging in platform OpenGL classes.
    • To avoid mistakes like attempt to destroy interface object with delete operator, all interfaces' default constructor and destructor has been moved to protected section. Additionally move constructor and assignment operator as well as copy constructor and assignment operator were marked as deleted.
    • In order to prevent conversion errors Variant class constructors and conversion operators have been marked with explicit keyword.
    • HSVPlane widget can now be assigned to HSVBar widget via the last one HSVPlane property so they change together and work like one color selection widget without any additional coding.