Describes system window parameters used at its creation.

struct CreateParams // Creation parameters
    // Style
    bool HasBorder;					// false
    bool HasCaption;				// true
    bool IsChild;					// false
    bool IsClipChildren;			// false
    bool IsEnabled;					// true
    bool HasDialogFrame;			// false
    bool HasHorizontalScroll;		// false
    bool HasVerticalScroll;			// false
    bool HasMaximizeBox;			// true
    bool HasMinimizeBox;			// true
    bool HasSizeBox;				// true
    bool HasSystemMenu;				// true
    bool IsPopup;					// false
    bool IsTabStop;					// false
    // StyleEx
    bool IsAcceptFiles;				// false
    bool IsApplicationWindow;		// false
    bool HasClientEdge;				// true
    bool HasContextHelp;			// false
    bool HasDialogModalFrame;		// false
    bool IsMDIChild;				// false
    bool HasStaticEdge;				// false
    bool IsToolWindow;				// false
    bool IsTopMost;					// false
    bool HasWindowEdge;				// true
    // Other
    String Caption;					// "Window"
    Point Position;					// 0x80000000, 0x80000000
    Point Size;						// 1420, 720
    WindowState State;				// Normal
    nitisa::WindowPosition WindowPosition;	// Custom

    CreateParams(); // Create with default values specified in comments above
    CreateParams( // Create with specified values
        const bool has_border,
        const bool has_caption,
        const bool is_child,
        const bool is_clip_children,
        const bool is_enabled,
        const bool has_dialog_frame,
        const bool has_horizontal_scroll,
        const bool has_vertical_scroll,
        const bool has_maximize_box,
        const bool has_minimize_box,
        const bool has_size_box,
        const bool has_system_menu,
        const bool is_popup,
        const bool is_tab_stop,
        const bool is_accept_files,
        const bool is_application_window,
        const bool has_client_edge,
        const bool has_context_help,
        const bool has_dialog_modal_frame,
        const bool is_mdi_child,
        const bool has_static_edge,
        const bool is_tool_window,
        const bool is_top_most,
        const bool has_window_edge,
        const String &caption,
        const Point &position,
        const Point &size,
        const WindowState state,
        const nitisa::WindowPosition window_position
    CreateParams(const CreateParams &other) = default;
    CreateParams(CreateParams &&other) = default;

    bool operator==(const CreateParams &other) const; // Check if it is equal with other structure
    bool operator!=(const CreateParams &other) const; // Check if it is not equal with other structure
    CreateParams &operator=(const CreateParams &other) = default;
    CreateParams &operator=(CreateParams &&other) = default;


Below you can find options' availability/usage information depending on the operating system. Windows is the most powerful and user friendly operating system. It supports many options while all others are quite poor and support few of them.

Option Windows Android Linux
HasBorder + N/A -
HasCaption + N/A -
IsChild + N/A N/A
IsClipChildren + N/A N/A
IsEnabled + N/A +
HasDialogFrame + N/A N/A
HasHorizontalScroll + N/A N/A
HasVerticalScroll + N/A N/A
HasMaximizeBox + N/A N/A
HasMinimizeBox + N/A N/A
HasSizeBox + N/A +
HasSystemMenu + N/A N/A
IsPopup + N/A +
IsTabStop + N/A N/A
IsAcceptFiles + N/A N/A
IsApplicationWindow + N/A N/A
HasClientEdge + N/A N/A
HasContextHelp + N/A N/A
HasDialogModalFrame + N/A N/A
IsMDIChild + N/A N/A
HasStaticEdge + N/A N/A
IsToolWindow + N/A N/A
IsTopMost + N/A +
HasWindowEdge + N/A N/A
Caption + N/A +
Position + N/A +
Size + N/A +
State + N/A +
WindowPosition + N/A +


+ - available
- - not used
N/A - not available on the platform

Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Core/CreateParams.h