Describes whether a value can be converted to a value of different type. Each member of the structure is a boolean value indicating whether conversion to the data type is supported or not.

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struct DbConvertTo
    bool Valid; // Indicates whether this structure contains valid data (it was successfully retrieved from data source) 
    bool BigInt;
    bool Binary;
    bool Bit;
    bool Guid;
    bool Char;
    bool Date;
    bool Decimal;
    bool Double;
    bool Float;
    bool Integer;
    bool IntervalYearMonth;
    bool IntervalDayTime;
    bool LongVarBinary;
    bool LongVarChar;
    bool Numeric;
    bool Real;
    bool SmallInt;
    bool Time;
    bool DateTime;
    bool TinyInt;
    bool VarBinary;
    bool VarChar;

    explicit operator String() const;
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Db/DbConvertTo.h