Split long string into lines by breaking words if necessary with respect to specified maximum allowed line width.

Split string by characters(breaking words) so it to fit into specified width
@param str String to be split
@param width Width into which the string to be fit. Should be no less then 8
@param pf Platform font used to render. Cannot be nullptr
@param distance Additional distance between characters
@param [out] lines Resulting lines
@param [out] size Resulting size. Width can be greater than requested one if there is a very large characters(character size is greater then requested width)
@param locale Used locale
@return Whether process was successful or not
@note Line separator in the string should be '\n' character. If '\n\r' or '\r' is used, it should be replaced with '\n' only
bool WordBreak(const String &str, const float width, IPlatformFont *pf, const float distance, StringArray &lines, PointF &size, const std::locale &locale = std::locale());
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Core/Utils.h