Draw text shadow.

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bool DrawTextShadow( // Draw text shadow using optimal size shadow texture. Before calling, provide clipping using mask(if required) 
    IRenderer *renderer, // Renderer 
    IPlatformFont *pf, // Platform font used to draw text 
    const float distance, // Additional distance between text characters 
    const Mat4f &matrix, // Control transformation matrix 
    const RectF &client, // Client area of control where shadow should be drawn(if client area has not rectangular form use mask 
    const PointF &position, // Text position in control coordinates 
    const String &text, // Text 
    const Color &color, // Shadow color 
    const PointF &shift, // Shadow shift 
    const int radius); // Shadow radius
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Render/Utils.h