Helper function to create and register in renderer custom textures.

To function properly TextureClass should have method declared as static TextureClass *Create(IReleasableListener*, NativeGraphicsClass*, IRenderer*, bool) and this function should be made a friend of TextureClass.

The first argument should be set in TextureClass constructor as release listener. It is recommended that TextureClass be derived from IReleasable/CReleasable for this purpose.

The second argument will be the native graphics class used by renderer and thus should be named by NativeGraphicsClass.

If TextureClass::Create() fails it should return nullptr.

CreateTexture() function return nullptr if "renderer" argument is missing, or renderer's native graphics isn't an instance of NativeGraphicsClass, or TextureClass::Create() returns nullptr.

In case of using with custom renderers the function should be made a friend of that renderer in order to have access to its protected methods.

template<class TextureClass, class RendererClass, class NativeGraphicsClass>
ITexture *CreateTexture(RendererClass *renderer, const bool precomputed);
Namespace: nitisa
Include: Nitisa/Interfaces/IRenderer.h