Implements ProgressBar control.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base classes and interfaces.

class CProgressBar :public virtual IProgressBar, public CControl
    enum class FillDirection // Progress directions 
    RectF getClientRect() override;
    RectF getRenderRect() override;
    float getMin() override;
    float getMax() override;
    float getProgress() override;

    bool setDPI(const Point &value) override;
    bool setMin(const float value) override;
    bool setMax(const float value) override;
    bool setProgress(const float value) override;

    // IControl methods 
    void Refresh(const bool refresh_children) override;

    CProgressBar(IForm *parent);
    CProgressBar(IControl *parent);

    const String &getCaption() const; // Return caption 
    // Return layout properties 
    TextAlign getCaptionHorizontalAlign() const;
    VerticalAlign getCaptionVerticalAlign() const;
    bool isSmooth() const;
    float getBarSize() const;
    float getBarInterval() const;
    Color getShadowColor() const;
    PointF getShadowShift() const;
    int getShadowRadius() const;
    RectF getOuterBorderWidth() const;
    RectF getInnerBorderWidth() const;
    RectF getBorderRadius() const;
    BorderColor getOuterBorderColor() const;
    Color getLeftOuterBorderColor() const;
    Color getTopOuterBorderColor() const;
    Color getRightOuterBorderColor() const;
    Color getBottomOuterBorderColor() const;
    BorderColor getInnerBorderColor() const;
    Color getLeftInnerBorderColor() const;
    Color getTopInnerBorderColor() const;
    Color getRightInnerBorderColor() const;
    Color getBottomInnerBorderColor() const;
    Color getBackgroundColor() const;
    Gradient *getBackgroundGradient();
    Color getForegroundColor() const;
    Gradient *getForegroundGradient();
    RectF getBarBorderWidth() const;
    RectF getBarBorderRadius() const;
    BorderColor getBarBorderColor() const;
    Color getBarLeftBorderColor() const;
    Color getBarTopBorderColor() const;
    Color getBarRightBorderColor() const;
    Color getBarBottomBorderColor() const;
    Color getBarColor() const;
    Gradient *getBarGradient();
    RectF getCaptionPadding() const;
    FillDirection getFillDirection() const;

    bool setCaption(const String &value); // Set caption 
    // Set layout properties 
    bool setCaptionHorizontalAlign(const TextAlign value);
    bool setCaptionVerticalAlign(const VerticalAlign value);
    bool setSmooth(const bool value);
    bool setBarSize(const float value);
    bool setBarInterval(const float value);
    bool setShadowColor(const Color &value);
    bool setShadowShift(const PointF &value);
    bool setShadowRadius(const int value);
    bool setOuterBorderWidth(const RectF &value);
    bool setInnerBorderWidth(const RectF &value);
    bool setBorderRadius(const RectF &value);
    bool setOuterBorderColor(const BorderColor &value);
    bool setLeftOuterBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setTopOuterBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setRightOuterBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBottomOuterBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setInnerBorderColor(const BorderColor &value);
    bool setLeftInnerBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setTopInnerBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setRightInnerBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBottomInnerBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBackgroundColor(const Color &value);
    bool setForegroundColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBarBorderWidth(const RectF &value);
    bool setBarBorderRadius(const RectF &value);
    bool setBarBorderColor(const BorderColor &value);
    bool setBarLeftBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBarTopBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBarRightBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBarBottomBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBarColor(const Color &value);
    bool setCaptionPadding(const RectF &value);
    bool setFillDirection(const FillDirection value);
Namespace: nitisa::standard
Include: Standard/Controls/ProgressBar/ProgressBar.h