Implements GroupBox control.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base classes and interfaces.

class CGroupBox :public virtual IGroupBox, public CControl
    IControl *getControl(const int index) override;
    IControl *getControl(const String &name) override;
    IControl *getControl(const PointF &position) override;
    RectF getClientRect() override;
    RectF getRenderRect() override;
    String getCaption() override;

    bool setDPI(const Point &value) override;
    bool setCaption(const String &value) override;

    // IControl methods 
    void Refresh(const bool refresh_children) override;

    CGroupBox(IControl *parent);
    CGroupBox(IForm *parent);

    // Return layout properties 
    RectF getBorderWidth() const;
    RectF getBorderRadius() const;
    BorderColor getBorderColor() const;
    Color getLeftBorderColor() const;
    Color getTopBorderColor() const;
    Color getRightBorderColor() const;
    Color getBottomBorderColor() const;
    RectF getPadding() const;
    Color getBackgroundColor() const;
    Gradient *getBackgroundGradient();
    Color getShadowColor() const;
    PointF getShadowShift() const;
    int getShadowRadius() const;
    TextAlign getCaptionAlign() const;
    PointF getCaptionPadding() const;
    bool isUseMask() const; // Whether to use mask 

    // Set layout properties 
    bool setBorderWidth(const RectF &value);
    bool setBorderRadius(const RectF &value);
    bool setBorderColor(const BorderColor &value);
    bool setLeftBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setTopBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setRightBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setBottomBorderColor(const Color &value);
    bool setPadding(const RectF &value);
    bool setBackgroundColor(const Color &value);
    bool setShadowColor(const Color &value);
    bool setShadowShift(const PointF &value);
    bool setShadowRadius(const int value);
    bool setCaptionAlign(const TextAlign value);
    bool setCaptionPadding(const PointF &value);
    bool setUseMask(const bool value); // Set whether to use mask 
Namespace: nitisa::standard
Include: Standard/Controls/GroupBox/GroupBox.h