Implements Bevel control.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base classes and interfaces.

class CBevel :public virtual IBevel, public CControl
    // IControl methods 
    void Refresh(const bool refresh_children) override;

    BEVEL_KIND getBevelKind() override;
    BEVEL_STYLE getBevelStyle() override;

    bool setDPI(const Point &value) override;
    bool setBevelKind(const BEVEL_KIND value) override;
    bool setBevelStyle(const BEVEL_STYLE value) override;

    CBevel(IForm *parent);
    CBevel(IControl *parent);

    Color getColorLowered(); // Return first bevel color 
    Color getColorRaised(); // Return second bevel color 
    float getBevelWidth(); // Return bevel width 

    bool setColorLowered(const Color &value); // Set first bevel color 
    bool setColorRaised(const Color &value); // Set second bevel color 
    bool setBevelWidth(const float value); // Set bevel width 
Namespace: nitisa::standard
Include: Standard/Controls/Bevel/Bevel.h