This class is a final ValueListEditor control implementation.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base classes and interfaces.

class CValueListEditor :public virtual IValueListEditor, public CCustomStringGrid
    // ICustomGrid setters 
    bool setColumns(const int value) override; // Not allowed. Column count is always two 
    bool setRows(const int value) override; // Min value is 2 
    bool setColumnFixed(const int index, const bool value) override; // Only column with index = 0 can be changed 
    bool setRowFixed(const int index, const bool value) override; // Not allowed. First(index = 0) row is always fixed 

    // ICustomGrid methods 
    bool DeleteColumn(const int index) override; // Not allowed 
    bool DeleteRow(const int index) override; // Only row with index >= 1 can be deleted and only untill there are more than 2 rows left 

    // IDrawGrid setters 
    bool setFixedColumns(const int value) override; // Only 0 indiex is allowed 
    bool setFixedRows(const int value) override; // Not allowed 

    // IValueListEditor getters 
    String getKeyColumnTitle() override;
    String getValueColumnTitle() override;
    bool isKeyColumnFixed() override;
    bool isKeysEditable() override;
    bool isKeysUnique() override;
    bool isKeysDeletable() override;
    bool isKeysAddable() override;

    // IValueListEditor setters 
    bool setKeyColumnTitle(const String &value) override;
    bool setValueColumnTitle(const String &value) override;
    bool setKeyColumnFixed(const bool value) override;
    bool setKeysEditable(const bool value) override;
    bool setKeysUnique(const bool value) override;
    bool setKeysDeletable(const bool value) override;
    bool setKeysAddable(const bool value) override;

    // IValueListEditor methods 
    bool Add(const String &key, const String &value) override;
    bool Delete(const String &key) override;
    bool Rename(const String &old_key, const String &new_key) override;
    bool Clear() override;

    CValueListEditor(); // Create 
    CValueListEditor(IForm *parent); // Create and put onto the form 
    CValueListEditor(IControl *parent); // Create and put onto the parent control 
Namespace: nitisa::standard
Include: Standard/Controls/ValueListEditor/ValueListEditor.h