New in version 3.0.0

  • Added

    • Rendering with binary masks. See IRenderer methods for more information.
    • gtCircle gradient type. See Gradient for more details.
    • Fonts now can be used in monospace mode. Character width is calculated as average value.
    • Lines accessing methods in Built-in textarea and Memo control.
    • Inversed mode for caret.
    • Added information about supported platforms into hint of widget in Form Builder
    • PaintBox control(widget).
    • FormStyleSolid control(widget).
    • SimpleXML component(widget).
    • TCPClient component(widget).
    • TCPServer component(widget).
  • Fixed

    • Tiny bugs in SoftwareRenderer.
    • BitBtn icon displaying in disabled mode.
    • Some properties and events save, load, and export process.
    • Division by zero in RGBA texture data.
    • Component renaming when it is on a form. Components couldn't be renamed in Form Builder.
    • Event declarations in Standard package. Some events weren't exported propertly in Form Builder.
    • Save, load, and export of StatusBar panels.
    • Incorrect rotate and transform orders loading in Form Builder.
    • CheckBox, Label, and RadioButton size property save, load, and export in auto-size mode.
    • Control's MouseLeave notification sometimes was called after setting control's form to nullptr.
  • Improved

    • Scripting module has been finished.
    • Code of rendering methods of some controls.
    • Built-in textarea was reworked to improve speed.
    • Form Builder's form source code generation.

Migration from previous version

If you create platform font directly via IRenderer::FontCreate() method, just add one more parameter indicating whether font should be in monospace or regular mode. Use false if you are not sure. It will work the same way it worked before the change.

Default caret look in replace mode has been changed. If you want to use old one just set it via form->getCaret()->setInversed(false);.