Class describing single state property which value is a list of hotkeys.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base class or interface.

class CPropertyHotkeyList :public virtual IPropertyHotkeyList, public CProperty
    using FGetCount = int(*)(IClass *parent);
    using FGetHotkey = Hotkey(*)(IClass *parent, const int index);
    using FAdd = bool(*)(IClass *parent, Hotkey value);
    using FDelete = bool(*)(IClass *parent, const int index);
    using FClear = bool(*)(IClass *parent);
    // IProperty getters 
    String getPreview() override;
    String getPreview(const String &state) override;
    bool isChanged() override;

    // IProperty setters 
    IProperty *setChanged(const bool value) override;

    // IProperty methods 
    bool Copy(IProperty *dest) override;
    void Save(Variant &dest) override;
    void Load(const Variant &src) override;
    void Export(std::wofstream &f, const String &shift, const String &control) override;

    // IPropertyHotkeyList getters 
    int getCount() override;
    Hotkey getHotkey(const int index) override;

    // IPropertyHotkeyList methods 
    int Add(Hotkey value) override;
    bool Delete(const int index) override;
    bool Clear() override;

    CPropertyHotkeyList(IPropertyList *list, IClass *parent, const String &name, FSkip skip, FGetCount get_count, FGetHotkey get_hotkey, FAdd add, FDelete del, FClear clear); // See parent class constructor for more information 
Namespace: nitisa::standard
Include: Standard/Package/Properties/PropertyHotkeyList.h