Implements base 3D control service. It is used by C3DControl and you usually don't need this class at all.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base class or interface.

class C3DControlService :public virtual I3DControlService, public CControlService
    // State change notifications 
    void NotifyOnFreeResources() override;

    // Control notifications 
    void NotifyOnControlDetach(IControl *control) override;
    void NotifyOnControlChange(IControl *control) override;

    // Rendering 
    void NotifyOnRender(COpenGL *graphics, IRenderer *renderer, ICamera *camera) override;

    C3DControlService(C3DControl *control);
Namespace: nitisa::opengl
Include: OpenGL/Core/3DControlService.h