Plan comparison matrix

Plan Free Professional Enterprise
For individual developers
For small companies (up to 5 employees)
For medium companies (6 to 25 employees)
For large companies (>25 employees)
Max company revenue $10,000/month $100,000/month Unlimited
Framework code modification
Create free applications
Paid application back link Required 1 application Not required
Paid application max revenue $100/month $500/month Unlimited
Max free packages 5 15 Unlimited
Max paid packages 1 10 Unlimited
Max package price $5 $25 Unlimited
Support source Community Team Team
Support priority Lowest Medium Highest
Free development hours - - 4/month
Where to redistribute packages This site only This site only Anywhere
Older releases support - 3 months 12 months
Sell packages for bonuses
Price $0 $2/month $99/month

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