Free Plan

IMPORTANT! With this plan you MUST include a back link into all your applications created with the Nitisa framework which you are going to sell. The back link should be clearly visible for at least 10 seconds. It may be some clickable text with "Nitisa. Open-source C++ GUI framework" and pointed to this site or non-clickable with the URL of the site shown. You are free to choose whether to place it and how to show. For the case of text we can suggest to use clickable phrase "Powered with Nitisa - Open-source C++ GUI framework".
For the free and open source applications you also may include such a back link but it is not mandatory.

You are allowed to

Create and redistribute free and open source applications without any restrictions

Create and sell applications with back link

Create and redistribute packages with this portal

You are NOT allowed to

Redistribute the framework or it's parts

Redistribute your packages outside of this portal

Change framework source code

Sell applications or get money from them in any other way without adding a back link to it

Use the framework if your company is larger then 5 members

Use the framework if your company's revenue is greater then $10,000/month

Use the framework if your average revenue from applications created with the framework is more than $100/month

This plan is free