Limited -80% offer

All users who start using Professional and Enterprise plans till the end of the year will get 80% discount for the selected plan price forever.

The discount price will be applied only in case of continuous usage of selected plan. If you deactivate your plan and re-activate it again, the plan price will be regular.

"10%" Promotion

You may get 10% of the sum the client spend to your bonus balance. All you need is to sign in or sign up, go to profile settings, to referrers section, copy your referral url and send it to people you want to share the Nitisa with

When the person uses the link and registers at this site, you will get a notification and will see the person at referrers list.

When one of your referrers activates any paid plan, you will be notified and got 10% from the sum the referrer spend on your bonus balance

The bonus balance will be used first when you pay for any paid plan

More clients your bring, more bonus money you get. You even might use paid plans for free!
For example, bring 10 people who will use professional plan and you will be able to use the same plan for free.