About Nitisa framework

The Nitisa framework is the easiest way to add a great user interfaces to your applications. It is designed to be easy to use and extend. The framework is written in modern C++. It's completely object orientated. It has no macros. You can start using it effecienly only by reading Installation and Get started articles which requires just a few minutes. The framework doesn't require any third-party libraries to be installed. All the required code is included into the framework. Of caurse it is impossible to avoid using the platform specific functions. Newertheless, we've tryed to minimize a platform specific code in the framework and completely separated it from the other code. This is done to simplify porting the framework onto another platforms.

The other great benefit of the framework is the Visual Form Builder. It allows you to create all the application forms completely visually, just using drag and drop and setting properties. It even allows you to specify events you want to process in your application.

The main features of the framework includes: simple but powerful design, great documentation, visual form builder, modern C++ code without macros, easy adapting to another platforms, extreme control customization, great extensibility, styling, full transformations, complete clipping, cross-platform, and much more...