Implements Color list item.

You can find more information in comments below. Overrided methods can be found in corresponding base classes and interfaces.

class CListItemColor :public virtual IListItemColor, public CListItem
    enum class State // Possible states 
    void(*OnClick)(IListItem *sender); // Called when clicked 

    CListItemColor(const Color &color, const String &caption);
    ~CListItemColor() override;

    IListItemService *QueryService() override;

    String getCaption() override;
    Color getColor() override;
    bool setCaption(const String &value) override;
    bool setColor(const Color &value) override;

    IListItem *Clone() override;
    bool Copy(IListItem *dest) override;

    State getState(); // Return current state 
    // Return layout properties 
    TextAlign getAlign();
    RectF getPadding() const;
    bool isTextAtRight() const;
    Color getCaptionColor(const State state) const;
    Color getCaptionShadowColor(const State state) const;
    int getCaptionShadowRadius(const State state) const;
    PointF getCaptionShadowShift(const State state) const;
    Color getBackgroundColor(const State state) const;
    Gradient *getBackgroundGradient(const State state);
    RectF getBorderWidth(const State state) const;
    RectF getBorderRadius(const State state) const;
    BorderColor getBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getLeftBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getTopBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getRightBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getBottomBorderColor(const State state) const;
    RectF getColorBorderWidth(const State state) const;
    RectF getColorBorderRadius(const State state) const;
    RectF getColorPadding(const State state) const;
    BorderColor getColorBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getColorLeftBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getColorTopBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getColorRightBorderColor(const State state) const;
    Color getColorBottomBorderColor(const State state) const;

    // Set layout properties 
    bool setAlign(const TextAlign value);
    bool setPadding(const RectF &value);
    bool setTextAtRight(const bool value);
    bool setCaptionColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setCaptionShadowColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setCaptionShadowRadius(const State state, const int value);
    bool setCaptionShadowShift(const State state, const PointF &value);
    bool setBackgroundColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setBorderWidth(const State state, const RectF &value);
    bool setBorderRadius(const State state, const RectF &value);
    bool setBorderColor(const State state, const BorderColor &value);
    bool setLeftBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setTopBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setRightBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setBottomBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setColorBorderWidth(const State state, const RectF &value);
    bool setColorBorderRadius(const State state, const RectF &value);
    bool setColorPadding(const State state, const RectF &value);
    bool setColorBorderColor(const State state, const BorderColor &value);
    bool setColorLeftBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setColorTopBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setColorRightBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
    bool setColorBottomBorderColor(const State state, const Color &value);
Namespace: nitisa::standard
Include: Standard/ListItems/Color/ListItemColor.h