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Coded the following to deal with window/form level tasks, but only 'FormMain_OnClose' and 'FormMain_OnDestroy' worked without run time errors. IFormMain.h code samples: // Events(Should be implemented in derived widget) virtual void FormMain_OnResize(IForm *sender) = 0; virtual void FormMain_OnCreate(IForm *sender) = 0; virtual void FormMain_OnDestroy(IForm *sender) = 0; virtual void FormMain_OnClose(IForm *sender, CLOSE_ACTION &action) = 0; FormMain.h sample code: void FormMain_onResize(IForm *sender) override; void FormMain_onCreate(IForm *sender) override; Sample Code in my FormMain.cpp for two of the metheds: void CFormMain::FormMain_OnCreate(IForm *sender) { Application->getDialogs()->Message(L"WM_CREATE received", L"WinMsgs"); } AND void CFormMain::FormMain_OnResize(IForm *sender) { Application->getDialogs()->Message(L"WM_SIZE received", L"WinMsgs"); } 'FormMain_OnMove(', 'FormMain_OnCreate','FormMain_OnResize','FormMain_OnPaint', and 'FormMain_OnPaintEnd' each caused run time errors.Main form would come up but so did a run time error message with options Abort, Ignore and something else...All options caused the app to end. I have examined and run the tutorials. Are there any other basic examples for this software product? Thank you!

Windows Messages

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Answered by Support at May 17, 2021, 3:31:02 PM

This was fixed in the latest release.

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